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This past spring I went through our local Citizen Police Academy. THIS experience has given me a whole new level of respect for what our police officers do each day to make our communities a safe place to live. There are many parents, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters, friends and children who have lost a love one because of the violence in our society.

I have two posts on my blog ( that share my experience riding along with the police officer who facilitated the 23rd class for Livermore, CA.


A donation of $100.00 was sent to the Officer Down Memorial Page Inc.
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If it isn’t too late, I would be really impressed to see you drop off a donation of needed items to a local homeless youth or domestic abuse shelter. You can use my name Bunneah Munkeah or not. It’s not about credit. If you take pics I will share them with my blog (if you want) It’s about giving back to the world. I’m a lifelong community servant and we can certainly talk more but first…. FIREWORKS!!!!

Have a beautiful extended weekend!

A donation of $100.00 was donated to the Leroy Haynes Center.
Just so you know I am looking into volunteering opportunities and other ways I can physically help. I figured this was a good start.

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I hope I’m not too late with my email, as I saw the deadline for your giveaway is July 4th and since I just found your wonderful blog post & blog, it looks like I’ve got eight minutes to spare until the deadline comes to a close. First off, I’d like to say that I think what you are doing with this giveaway is absolutely wonderful; it is so nice to see others giving back in such a way and expecting nothing in return, except maybe that we pay it forward sometime. I hope to do something similar through my blog’s mission (doing kind deeds for others while crossing items off my own bucket list) and found your post so inspiring.

I would love it if a donation could be sent to the American Heart Association. I have lost many family members and people I love to heart disease and it would mean a lot to see money going toward that cause, so that maybe someday others won’t loose family members and loved ones to this disease. I will never forget how in elementary school when all the kids participated in Jump Rope for Heart, my aunt donated $1000 to the cause, which, also allowed me to win a ton of prizes; although, as a college student, the prizes seem petty now, looking back I realize she not only gave to a good cause, but helped make a child’s day. Your post reminded me of that time.

Again, it is so nice to see someone so genuine out there and no matter what, I look forward to seeing who the winner is and what lucky cause will receive this donation thanks to your giving spirit.

I’m about six minutes over the deadline now, so I hope that’s still okay, but thank you for such a nice opportunity.

– Christine B.

Project Light to Life

$100.00 was donated to the American Heart Association.
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Giveaway Results

I want to first start off by thanking all of you for your wonderful support. It is amazing how many great people there are in this world. Your support has truly inspired me on a whole new level. This is why I have decided to change the rules a bit. I had 3 wonderful people email me an idea of where I should donate. They were all great causes recommended by truly good people. They took a few minutes out of their day to reach out to me and also help a cause. They did not really ask for anything in return and it was not about the recognition. They simply just enjoy helping others.

I have decided I will donate $100.00 to each one. The following posts will include the email received from the winners and a picture of the donation (proof).

I wish everyone all the love and positivity in the world.