Ask the expert

I’m uncovering that the only answers to life’s questions come from within ourselves.

There are plenty of experts who’s research leads us many different ways. It seems the best advice is to go inward and get in touch with your self. One must pick a path and follow it through because the best way I’ve found to learn and answer questions is through experience. We are all different in some aspect with different needs and abilities. Therefore I’ve come to the conclusion that we should be the only expert when it comes to our own lives or well being.

Something Beautiful

It’s interesting to me how we grow to love people but with our children it’s instant. There isn’t a honeymoon phase or first impression. Just pure and utter love. There is something beautiful about it. It makes me think about love in my life. Whether it’s giving or receiving. I’ve always had a hard time telling people I loved them. It did not mean I did not, it was just uncomfortable for me to get the words out. But like anything the more you do it the easier it gets. Now I make sure to tell people I love them. I feel this unconditional instant love I felt for Charlotte has unlocked something inside me that was always there. It allowed me to be clear on what love is to me and where love is in my life. Which brings me back to… there is something beautiful about it.

Day 1

Today is day 1 of the rest of our lives.
Today is the day we think more positive.
Today is the day we make healthier choices.
Today is the day we except and love ourselves for who we are.
Today is the day we wake up smiling.
Today is the day we are kinder to others.
Today is the day we change our life.
Everyday is the day we change the world.

If we do not make it through this list today there is always tomorrow or the next day. Everyday day is a challenge to start living like it is day 1 of the rest of your life. Are you up for the challenge (opportunity)?