The circle of life…

We all seem to be going around in an infinite circle placing blame on each other for various things that we disagree on. I am trying on the idea that there are no facts, only our perspective based on our unique experiences and views. Just as I don’t want my rights taken away or things forced upon me during this covid era. I believe people and companies should have the freedom to put out whatever products they want and it is up to the consumer to choose. As hard as it is to know ingredients may be unhealthy and animals are being slaughtered it is simply my perspective that those things are wrong. My perspective is not a fact. I repeat… my perspective is not a fact. There are unlimited examples of this I could explore as everything I see and do is filtered through my unique perspective. Time to flip the script and consider the alternative perspective of others as they are their truths and valid no matter how uncomfortable. I really really really find that challenging but I also find it creates more mental freedom and peace. I switch the judging/anger to curiosity/understanding which allows for empathy and acknowledgement. I believe that getting angry and making people wrong only pushes us all deeper, blindly into our own perspective/truth. In my mind life is not just black and white. It is far more complex than we wish to know. Right and wrong feel like a simple solution to the majority of “problems” we see in the world. I invite you to consider the complications that adds to everyday life. Try on others perspectives to see how that feels. Maybe see how it feels to get in touch with your truth and the truth of those around you.

A moment in time

Although I may not always respond or acknowledge (I’m working on that as well as my communication skills) I truly appreciate and value every response. Whether it is a like or sharing some words. It’s not natural or always easy for me to share. I’ve lived as though I’ve had something to hide for most of my life. Some who have known me longer might say I was very quite or shy. Then through sharing, listening and being vulnerable I’ve learned that a lot of us have similar feelings even if the actual circumstances are different or unique. This has given me and fed the urge to share. With this sharing I do my best to be intentional with my words and with my feelings. I hope to never offend or upset. Rather inspire and promote thoughts or questions. As I said before… the older I get the more questions I have. I believe our lives and the way we live our lives as a society deserves thought and questioning. Not in a way of making wrong or causing hate and upset. But in a way of making conscience choices based on our current level of knowledge. For me the times where I grow is when I obtain or experience a different perspective. A way of looking at something through a different lens. I believe everyone’s perspective has value no matter how offensive, thoughtful or ignorant it may appear. We all have lived through valuable experiences that shaped this perspective. So rather than arguing or just agreeing I invite us all to listen and ask questions so we can better understand each other and grow together. Because honestly no matter what your race, color , religion or belief is. You should take a moment to consider how it is just a miracle and incredible we are all here at this same moment in time.

Not everything requires action

Not everything requires action…

Recognize it without judgment. Let it come up an be there. Sometimes you just need to sit with it. If it becomes a theme in your life, there may be something to dig deeper into and uncover the root.

I’ve personally found that just having the awareness to recognize is all you need.


Growing up I was raised by my mom and sister the majority of the time. So I have always had a more sensitive side as well as a respect for women. That sensitivity and respect has been tested over the years. I’m definitely guilty of mistreating and undervaluing women among other people from time to time. It stems from insecurities and honestly just a lack of knowledge/experience. In today’s world we see so much mistreatment not only towards women but towards humanity as a whole. It’s as if we have forgotten that we are all connected and here on this journey together at the same exact time. Coincidence? I believe everything happens for a reason and we can control/guide our futures. At times I feel lost and out of balance. Then I connect with someone, feel grateful and humbled. I know it’s hard to stay awake in life when sometimes it just feels easier to close your eyes. I am here to encourage you to push through and keep your eyes and heart open. This year my wife and I chose words we want to focus and work on. My word for 2018 is vulnerability. Without vulnerability how can we truly connect? How can we truly live? How can we truly thrive? Vulnerability= Connection= Fulfillment


We spent a few days up at the beautiful Lake Arrowhead, CA with some family. Even on vacation in an amazing place I find myself worrying about the past and the future. Not being present enjoying the gorgeous scenery and the time with my family. I don’t know about you, but I usually seem to get distracted and caught up in my thoughts about work, stuff I need to do or just silly unnecessary baloney. It really takes a pep talk with myself to snap out of it and realize that this moment right now is what I need to be focused on. The work. The stuff. The baloney. It will all be there waiting for me. Dwelling on them does nothing but create anxiety and an absence from the moments happening now. One thing I’ve noticed is the pep talks get shorter and easier the more I do it. So next time you feel yourself distracted and not in the present moment just focus on your breath and remind yourself that this moment right now is all you need to focus on. We may not be able to slow down time, but we can be more focused and present with the time we do have. 

Pursuing Dreams

Do something fun this weekend or week. Whenever you get a chance to enjoy life take it. As kids we found joy in every little thing. Everything was new and exciting. If things seem boring and tiresome now… Maybe it is time for a change. Follow your goals, but chase your dreams.


Life and what to do with it.

I have been struggling lately. Trying to decide/figure out what I am supposed to be doing with my life. It is a big decision that I know is on everyone’s mind no matter how successful or wonderful your life may be. I by no means have a bad life. Like many of you I grew up with everything I needed and every opportunity. Life and the people in my life have been pretty good to me. Still something inside me strives and dreams of more. It has taken me along time to realize dreaming and wanting more does not mean you are ungrateful or greedy. It is in our nature to dream big and want it all. So do what you want with life and never apologize for the the dreams that come true or the dreams that never make it to reality.

Below is an article I received that inspired this post and inspired me to continue to dream and follow my dreams no matter how big, small or crazy they are. I dream of one day becoming a successful published writer. I dream of helping others whether it be financially or spiritually. Sharing your dream can be hard. You never know who is listening. You never know when that dream might come true. What are your dreams?

Taryn Crimi

Today we would like to direct your attention to a wonderful quote on your world made by Albert Einstein that says: “Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish on how well it can climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid” We think that this quote is a great way to introduce the topic we would like to direct your attention to today: your unique talents.

Each and every one of you has a specific skill set that is uniquely designed to help you achieve your goals. Each and every one of you are a very valuable piece of the puzzle. No one can fill your “shoes”, you are the only one who can accomplish the tasks that you have set out to achieve. Your role in this “play” is irreplaceable. Many of you look to others and desire to have the same skill sets or the same abilities as another; not realizing that your own skill set is as equally important. Another person’s skills will not help you to accomplish what you came here to do. You came here with everything that you would need to accomplish your goals; so just be yourself, everyone else is taken.

Many of you are beginning to notice that you are acquiring new abilities and new talents. We ask that you embrace them and nurture your new talents; for these are appearing at just the right “time”, exactly when you are ready to cultivate them. Some of you are now noticing that you can begin hearing the guidance of the higher realms, some of you are noticing that you can now feel another’s energy, some are now able to “see” into the higher realms if only just for a fleeting moment. Know that the more you accept these talents and these gifts, the more they will develop. Each path is unique, your gifts and abilities will unfold in just the right “time”.

No two paths are the same, and so therefore no two skill sets are the same. You came here for a very specific purpose, to shine your light as brightly as you could. You are all drawn to where your light is needed most at any given time. Everyone has their own unique piece that fits into the puzzle here in this grand experience. No two pieces are the same. No one else can shine your light better than you can. Each of you are so very important. So by comparing yourself to others, you are doing yourself a great injustice. You cannot compare how fast a cheetah runs to how strong an elephant is. Both are designed for two very different things; however both of their skill sets are of great value to them.

There are many who wonder, what am I supposed to be doing? How should I know what my skill set is for? By following what brings you the most joy. We have said this many times before, it really is just that simple. That’s how you find what you are supposed to do. Some love to paint, while others love to write, while others love to heal. None of these skills are better than another. All of these services are needed and they bring joy to many others because you are choosing to follow your joy.

Some are finding it hard to follow their joy because it will lead them down a path that they have learned to never walk. There are some who feel pressured by “outside” influences to “be” a certain person, or to “do” a certain profession, or to behave a certain way; anything outside of this expectation would be considered a “waste of time”. For instance there are many who love to cook, or sing or garden but they have grown up in a world that has taught them to stifle their dreams to ensure “stability” in their lives. But from our perspective there is no greater stability that can be ascertained than by following what one is passionate about. One who tries to follow another person’s dreams will never be able to achieve their own.

There is a fear amongst some that if they follow what they truly love to do, that they will have no way of “making a living” or “providing for their family”; we are certainly not suggesting that you walk away from your commitments however know that the best way to receive abundance is by doing what brings you the most joy. Do you really think that you would incarnate here with a true passion and desire for something and not also be equipped with the tools to achieve it? Doing something that you dislike, which does not feed your soul simply for the “need to survive” will never allow you to really blossom. You will never truly experience the pure elation that your soul feels when following your dreams if you continue to suppress what you are passionate about. Your unique gifts and abilities are directly connected to what will allow you to live your dreams. There is no greater feeling of bliss that can be experienced by a soul who has allowed themselves to exist in the synchronicity of the divine flow. A full leap is not necessarily required; why not try taking just one step? Many often say that they will “one day” do the things they love when they have more time; but a year from now you may wish that you started today.

We hope that this message has in some way inspired you to follow your joy and live the life of your dreams.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.

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