Here we grow…

The pure wonder, love and respect for nature and life. My greatest teacher and reminder to enjoy every moment. Participating in @jesseitzlers @buildyourliferesume has me thinking. Say I live to be 90. I’m currently 34. The math says that’s potentially 56 more years on this earth. 56 more summers. 56 more birthdays. 56 more whatever. Even when you multiplying by 365 (20,440 days) It still doesn’t feel like enough. Honestly I don’t think any amount of time would be enough for me. So I’m trying hard to make the most of the unguaranteed time I do have. Hence the walking away from our successful business, dream home and our hometown. Wasn’t easy but our happiness, the opportunity to chase our dreams and family time makes the move worth it. And now here we are in the middle of the next journey. Because we are absolutely unwilling to settle for anything less then our dreams. The only way I currently know how to achieve anything is to continuously challenge yourself, grow through the discomfort and enjoy the ride. Here we grow…

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