Worrying about something before there is something to worry about. You are basically anticipating the worry. This is how I’ve lived most of my life. Worried about the future events that haven’t happened and may not even happen. I feel this directly relates to being mindful and being grateful. We all know life has its ups and down as well as its many challenges. We may get news we weren’t expecting or did not want to hear. We might miss out on an opportunity or fail at something. I’ve always believed and have been told that’s just life. That is definitely a vague statement, but what if I told you it was also an untrue statement. Things do and may happen that are out of your control. That is a small part of life but it is not life. Life is how you react. How you pick yourself up and deal with it. Life is a mindset. Life is constant growth and work. I’m not saying you can’t be upset or angry with certain situations in life. That is a normal human reaction. We need to feel those emotions and acknowledge those feelings. Just do not let them consume you or define you. You are not your feelings, emotions or hardships. You are you! You are doing the very best you can with the tools you have been given. You just may need to pick up some additional tools and perspective. There is not one tool for every job just as there is not one way to live your life. I invite you to step out of the anticipaworry box. Look around, take a deep breath and think of what you are grateful for in your life. No need to pretend. You can be grateful for something but not necessarily love every part of it. For example, I can not stand the traffic in Southern California and what a waste of time it is. But I am grateful I have a car to drive in that traffic and a job that day to be driving to. Being grateful doesn’t take away or change the fact that I am upset about sitting in traffic. It just changes the conversation in my mind. Once you change the conversation in your mind, you start to change the conversations in your life. Then your life begins to change. That is not the answer but just one tool to help get us through the rougher parts of life.

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