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I hope I’m not too late with my email, as I saw the deadline for your giveaway is July 4th and since I just found your wonderful blog post & blog, it looks like I’ve got eight minutes to spare until the deadline comes to a close. First off, I’d like to say that I think what you are doing with this giveaway is absolutely wonderful; it is so nice to see others giving back in such a way and expecting nothing in return, except maybe that we pay it forward sometime. I hope to do something similar through my blog’s mission (doing kind deeds for others while crossing items off my own bucket list) and found your post so inspiring.

I would love it if a donation could be sent to the American Heart Association. I have lost many family members and people I love to heart disease and it would mean a lot to see money going toward that cause, so that maybe someday others won’t loose family members and loved ones to this disease. I will never forget how in elementary school when all the kids participated in Jump Rope for Heart, my aunt donated $1000 to the cause, which, also allowed me to win a ton of prizes; although, as a college student, the prizes seem petty now, looking back I realize she not only gave to a good cause, but helped make a child’s day. Your post reminded me of that time.

Again, it is so nice to see someone so genuine out there and no matter what, I look forward to seeing who the winner is and what lucky cause will receive this donation thanks to your giving spirit.

I’m about six minutes over the deadline now, so I hope that’s still okay, but thank you for such a nice opportunity.

– Christine B.

Project Light to Life

$100.00 was donated to the American Heart Association.
To donate go to



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