I have an idea. What would happen if I had a giveaway that did not require people to sign up, like or follow a blog. A giveaway with no strings attached. A giveaway just for the sake of giving. Well here we go…

I will donate $100.00 US to a charity or cause of your choice in your name (if the option is available). This will be limited to one person. All I ask from you is a brief explanation why or simply be yourself and send me something truly inspirational. This “giveaway” opportunity starts now and will last until Thursday July 4th 2013. Please no spam or soliciting. You do not need to follow, be a current follower, like anything or comment on anything to win. Just simply email what I have stated above. The winner will be mentioned in my blog and the winning email content will be published to my blog (your full name and email address will not be published unless requested). By sending me an email you are agreeing to these terms. No other company or website is affiliated with this giveaway or liable in anyway.

Email: trustyourselfblog.com@gmail.com

Can’t wait to be inspired by all of you 🙂


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