Being positive and spiritual in your own way can and will upgrade your current quality of life. Positivity and spirituality are not just mental. I feel it should be a balance of mind, body and soul. I know I have stated this in previous posts. ( for those of you who read my blog) It seems that when I cleanse my soul, keep my mind positive and feed my body properly my quality of life has endless upgrades. It is as if by being and eating more natural have made me more connected with everything and everyone around me. The clarity you receive is truly amazing. My positive thoughts simply turn into reality with hardly any effort. As I continue to upgrade my current life I will do my best to continue helping others upgrade their lives. Once you know you can not un-know. Trust me this is a feeling you are going to want to know and never forget. Stay tuned…


One thought on “Upgrade

  1. The composition of a thought is formed by the determinative emotions contained within the thought, i.e. anger, hate, love, compassion. Hence, the perception of negative or positive. What we project into the energy field that connects us is a product of how we choose to be influenced….and how we choose to influence. There is a primary rule that governs spiritual advancement. Our capacity to improve the conditions of others is no greater than our personal transcendence of egoistic influences or conduct. Our efforts must be in the direction of balancing ourselves. That is our greatest contribution to the structure of Creation. It’s a cause and effect relationship. If each individual engages a moment to moment examination of how she or he is influencing, and being influenced, we necessarily improve the flow of energy within the “fiber optic” that connects Humanity.

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