Seconds from Change

Inner child… we all have one. That may sound weird or even a bit far-fetched. But it is true. We sometimes act and react like children. When we do not get our way. When we do not like how we are being treated. When we do not like what someone is saying to us. When these things happen we tend to shut down and close off. It is a natural coping and survival mechanism. It is like how a turtle hides in its shell when it feels threatened. Some of us are strong enough to stay grounded and tell our inner child it is okay, that we the adult will handle the situation. Sometimes that inner child just throws a temper tantrum and will not stop until he or she is heard. Luckily everyday is a new day. Every second is a new second. We have the opportunity to learn from our mistakes and move forward to a new moment in life where we just might get the chance to be our higher self. This may sound crazy, but talking to your inner child and telling him/her it will be okay, you are here for them and love him/her really helps. There may be a traumatic event or time in your life that you are still holding onto. This event will come to light and can be healed by working with your inner child. Know that it is okay. You made it through that event/ time in your life. It was not your fault, you were just a child. Love your inner child. Love yourself. We all make mistakes in life and we all react/act in ways we are ashamed of. We are all just people. We have flaws. We make mistakes. We hurt ourself and others sometimes. That is part of living and working your way through life. It is not always clean and fun. Sometimes it gets messy and sad. Without these flaws how would we know how to act. Without the messy and sad parts how could we truly appreciate the clean and fun times of pure joy. So if someone says something to hurt you or that seems offensive, try not to react. Try to ask them what they mean by that and what is really going on with them. You may be surprised at the answer you get. You may be surprised how good you feel and the relationships you will build. We can not always be the bigger person and do the right thing. Just remember every second is a new second to be our higher self and try to be better. Will this be your second?

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