I know times are tough. I know we all feel tired. Waking up in the morning has become a big task. Yet we still get up and get through our day. That is an amazing accomplishment. Everyday we wake up we should tell ourself good job. We should celebrate the fact that we lived another day and are able to get up to live through another. We should celebrate ourself every day. We should celebrate each other every day. We are all showing up for life! Celebrate by doing something you love to do. Go golfing. Go hiking. Get your favorite ice cream or frozen yogurt. Buy yourself a new shirt. Enjoy Life! Worries and troubles will always be there, moments come and go. Be aware, be alert. Show up for life. Life is meant for love, laughter, creation and happiness. Love your life and the people you have chosen to be in it. Laugh at yourself and laugh with others. Create a beautiful world all your own, whether it be a family or life of your own. Become truly happy within yourself and you will help others find happiness. I believe life is the greatest gift. I encourage us to create. Create love, laughter and happiness rather then take it away. What will you create?

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