Unconditional Love

Unconditional love. What does that mean to you? I encourage you to write down what it means to you. Whether you would like to share it here or in a personal journal. There is no wrong answer, only love.


I will share what unconditional love means to me based on what I have experienced and learned. It first and foremost means loving yourself unconditionally. We can not truly love others until we truly love ourself. It is okay to make mistakes, be angry, sad or vulnerable. Unconditional love is not judging or punishing yourself for having these feelings. Life is about feelings, they make and show us who we are. It took me many years and a lot of advice from really amazing people to finally believe in, know and accept unconditional love. A wonderful person told me, “once you know, you can not un-know”. Unconditional love also applies to others around you and situations you face. To love someone or a situation unconditionally is a tough thing. I myself struggle to practice unconditional love in my everyday life. You do not have to like a situation or agree with everything a person does. You just have to embrace the situation and love the person for who they are. Excepting a situation and forgiving others takes a special person. Luckily we are all special. You may not realize when and if you have experienced unconditional love. That is why I ask you to really think about what it means to you. Maybe next time the opportunity comes around you will recognize it. Whether it be loving yourself , forgiving another or facing a tough situation with a smile.

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