“To understand everything is to forgive everything”

 ~ Buddha

Let go of judgement. Whether it be judgement of others or judgement of yourself. We are all doing the very best we can with the current skills we have developed over our lifetime. It is very hard for me to write this because I am guilty of placing judgement on myself and others. It is easy to jump to conclusions and judge someone. It takes constant awareness to do the opposite and not take everything personally. We all have our moments of clarity, as well as our moments of blindness. All we can do is try our best to be our best self. We will make mistakes along the way, but that is how we learn and grow. Do not punish yourself for being yourself. Do not punish yourself for making a mistake. Love yourself for being you. Love yourself for who you are. This will sound corny and absolutely ridiculous, but i do this and so do many others. Look in a mirror or simply just say this aloud, ” I need some love today. I am loved. I am a good person. People around me love me. I love myself.” I recommend doing this in the privacy of your own home or when others are not around. Unless you do not mind being known as the person who talks to themself. What if this works? What if this helps you through your day? You will never know until you try. What is the risk? Being truly happy and loving yourself? That sounds more like a reward with absolutely no risk. How many times have you received a reward without taking a risk. Give it a chance, give yourself a chance. Give love a chance.

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