The Face of Change

Smile. Laugh. Be yourself. Be the face of change. We all have the power to change and promote change. We all have our own unique way of delivering that change. Some choose laughter, some choose writing and some choose speaking. Whatever outlet you prefer, use it and use it often. Do not hide from change, embrace it. Accept yourself and others around you. We are all human and in search of the same things. We are all just on a different road at times. Not everyone can navigate their way through the shortcut to change. Most of us take the long windy road up hill and have to change a few flat tires along the way. It does not matter which path you take as long as you keep moving. You can not save everyone and you must take care of your needs. But why can’t we simply offer directions through that shortcut, help change that flat tire or put a smile on someones face. We can, you can. We are all on this planet for a reason. What is yours? I believe it is to change the world and I believe in you!


You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

-Mahatma Gandhi

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